48-form denotations and illustrations
1.  White Crane Spreads Its Wings
2.  Left Brush Knee and Step Forward
3.  Left Single Whip
4.  Left Lute Posture
5.  Roll Back and Press Posture
6.  Left Deflect, Parry and Punch
7.  Left Ward Off, Roll Back, Press and Push
8.  Lean on a Diagonal
9.  Fist Under Elbow
10.Reverse Reeling Forearm
11.Turn Body and Thrust Palm
12.Right Lute Posture
13.Brush Knee and Punch Down
14.White Snake Spits Poison
15.Slap Foot and Tame the Tiger
16.Left Diagonal Back Fist
17.Piercing Fist and Lower Body
18.Stand on One Leg and Prop Up Palm
19.Right Single Whip
20.Right Wave Hands Like Clouds
21.Left and Right Part the Horse´s Mane
22.High Pat on Horse
23.Right Heel Kick
24.Strike to Ears with Both Fists
25.Left Heel Kick
26.Cover Hand and Strike with Fist
27.Needle at Sea Bottom
28.Fan Through Back
29.Right and Left Toe Kick
30.Brush Knee and Step Forward
31.Step Forward, Grab and Punch
32.Appears Closed
33.Left Wave Hands Like Clouds
34.Right Diagonal Back Fist
35.Left and Right Shuttle Back and Forth
36.Step Back and Spear Palm
37.Insubstantial Stance and Press Palm Down
38.Stand on One Leg and Lift Palm
39.Lean in Horse Stance
40.Turn Bady and Large Roll Back
41.Scoop Palm and Lower Body
42.Step Forward and Cross Punch
43.Stand on One Leg and Ride the Tiger
44.Turn Body and Sweep Lotus
45.Pull the Bow and Shoot the Tiger
46.Right Deflect, Parry and Punch
47.Right Ward Off, Roll Back, Press and Push
48.Croos Hands